The policy established by AUTOFER demonstrates Management's commitment to the implementation of the Quality Management System requirements, resulting from the NP EN ISO 9001 standard.

The activity of AUTOFER is developed in an environment of continuous improvement, involving employees, suppliers, customers and partners as an integral part of the organization in order to achieve the following intentions and guidelines:

- Comply with the requirements and specifications agreed with the client, as well as the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the product, aiming at their total satisfaction;
- Promote the improvement of the quality of the company's products and the improvement of its services;
- Promote the motivation and participation of all employees of the company, encouraging initiative at all levels of competence, encouraging teamwork and betting on professional training and high technical expertise;
- Monitor, control and periodically review the achievement of the objectives of the system, thus promoting its continuous improvement.
- Preserve the Environment and bet on Security.

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